iPhone 4 Accessories

A range of iPhone 4 accessories to complement your phone
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iPhone 4 / iPod Speaker DockThe iPhone 4 / iPod Speaker Dock (Gear4 HP-60i) is a home stereo speaker system for your iPod and iPhone.
With a sleek wooden design and compact form the speaker fits perfectly into any room environment.
When the iPod/iPhone is docked it will also charge up while you listen to your music so its ready to go when you are.
It also features a line in port for use with other MP3 or MP4 music players.
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iPhone 4 Aluminium CaseThe stylish iPhone 4 aluminium case For iPhone 4 / 4S.
This aluminium casing comes in Gold, Red and Purple.
This is a high quality aluminium metal case cover.
All the ports / buttons are accessible while the case is installed.
There is a slot for the cable connection.
It provides excellent protection for your iPhone.
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iPhone 4 Case - Black MeshThe iPhone 4 Case - Black Mesh is a super strong perforated mesh polymer case.
The Highest quality in fit, styling and protection.
The ultimate in light weight protection for the iPhone 4.
Easy access to all controls, touchscreen and inputs.
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iPhone 4 Case Aluminium + Screen Protector Dark BlueThe iPhone 4 Case Aluminium + Screen Protector Dark Blue product features include;
Ultra slim fit with iPhone 4/4S (0.8mm thickness).
Hardened surface treatment for enhanced scratch protection.
Designed and tested to be "flash-friendly"; no interference to iPhone 4/4S built-in flash which causes unwanted flare in photos.
All iPhone buttons are easily accessible while resting in the iGlaze shell casing.
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iPhone 4 Case Bumper BlackThe iPhone 4 Case Bumper Black features include;
Made of durable rubber and moulded plastic.
The two-tone iPhone 4 Bumper fits snugly around the edges of your iPhone4.
Protects the frame of your iPhone 4 from abrasion.
All interface, ports and buttons will be available for direct use.
Convenient to access and remove.
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iPhone 4 Case Silicone Hard Back BlackiPhone 4 bumper case with translucent inlay at rear for protection against bumps and scratches.
Accurate to size of the speaker, microphone etc.
Simple assembly.
Support of all functions.
Silicon bumper.
Protection Inlay for iPhone rear protection.
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iPhone 4 Coloured Socks - 6 PackProtective iPhone 4 Coloured Socks.
Made from stretchy cotton in 6 vibrant colours to match your mood or outfit.
Stretchy enough to fit most PDA devices, handheld game consoles, large MP4 players, digital cameras etc.
These socks will protect your device from dust, scratches and falls.
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iPhone 4 Desktop Docking ChargerThis iPhone 4 Desktop Docking Charger is a high quality dock charger with USB cable.
Easy to use, plug and play.
No installation needed. Just connect to your PC/Mac USB Port.
Convenient & elegant home base cradle that will make syncing & charging and transfering data from your PC / laptop to your iPhone simple.
Elegant and compact designed white idock,
Perfect for your iPhone4.
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iPhone 4 External Battery Mobile Power Station 1900mAhThe iPhone 4 External Battery Mobile Power Station is a high quality external battery for the iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S etc.
Ideal for alternative back up while on the road.
Made from lithium-ion polymer and is fully tested and safe to work with your mobile phone.
Portable power anytime anywhere.
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iPhone 4 Flip CaseThe iPhone 4 Flip Case provides your iPhone 4 with excellent protection.
Allows easy access to all functions without the need to remove the case.
Super slim case. Clasp is at the top so the slim look of the iPhone 4 is not distorted.
Elegant design and excellent quality gives your phone stylish protection.
The magnetic closure keeps your handset secure whilst on the move
Internal padding giving extra security against bumps.
iPhone can be used or charged while inside this case.
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iPhone 4 Screen Protecter Foil (mirror version)iPhone 4 Screen Protecter Foil (mirror version) is a super trendy screen protection foil for your iPhone with a chrome look.
Your iPhone will be a mirror if the display is turned off. If the display is turned on the mirror effect will be gone and you can view your display without any restrictions.
Protects the display against scratches.
Custom-fit to display.
Including a cleaning tissue and squeeze-card.
Suitable for: iPhone 4/4S The screen foil is absolutely custom-fit to the iPhone display and its very easy to handle.
No remains after removing the foil.
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iPhone 4 Screen Protector FoilThe iPhone 4 Screen Protector Foil is a super trendy crystal clear screen protector foil for your iPhone.
This foil protects properly the display of your iPhone against scratches and dirt.
German precision engineered.
Protects the display against scratches
Reduces reflecting effects.
Custom-fit to display.
including a cleaning tissue and squeeze-card
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iPhone 4 Screen Protectors 2PKThe iPhone 4 Screen Protectors 2 pack is compatible with the iPhone 4 / 4S.
Protection from Dust and Scratches
Durable Transparent surface
Includes Micro-Fibre Screen Cloth.
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iPhone 4 Soft Silicone Bumper Case Light BlueThe iPhone 4 Soft Silicone Bumper Case is compatible with the iPhone 4,
This is a soft silicone case in Light Blue
The rubber feel case adds extra protection to your phone.
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iPhone 4/4S EXEC Flip Case -Vertical/BlackProtect your mobile phone in this very stylish iPhone 4 Flip Case.
Specially stitched and designed to fit the iPhone 4 with high quality PU leather.
Opens and closes vertically with a magnetic snap button.
Includes a screen protector and 2 internal slots for credit/business cards.
Perfect protection from dust, scratches and falls.
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iPhone 4/4S External Battery Pack/Back Case 2400mAhThis iPhone 4 External Battery Pack/Back Case is a high quality advanced accessories external battery pack.
Ideal as a back up battery while on the road or holidays.
If you are using your iPhone 4 for an extended amount of time the battery will eventually power down.
This is where the AA battery pack comes into play, simply plug your iPhone 4 into the case and enjoy even more hours of usage.
The battery pack also works as a hard plastic case.
Portable power anytime anywhere.
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iPhone Jogging / Sports Armband Pouch - BlackProtect your iPhone 4 in this very stylish iPhone Jogging / Sports Armband Pouch.
Specially stitched and designed to fit around your arm with a secure Velcro strap.
It is ideal for jogging & cycling etc.
Perfect protection from dust, scratches and falls.
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Universal Car Windscreen Mobile Phone Holder MountThis Universal Car Windscreen Mobile Phone Holder Mount will keep your mobile phone or GPS closer.
This handy holder is windscreen-mounted, compact and it's light weight design makes it ideal for travel and on the go life styles.
Comes with easy-to-assemble parts that can be effortlessly installed without any tools.